Our company receives manufacturing orders from Japan, Europe and United States for toys and promotional goods, which is then sent via Hong Kong office to be manufactured within China. Finished goods are then delivered to our customers through Hong Kong office. Below is our business flow.

Order to Delivery Flow

Step1 Order
Receive design details and specification
Step2 Present estimation and time schedule
Step3 Begin manufacture
(for manufacturing process see specified section)
Step4 Quality inspection / Testing
Step5 Delivery

Manufacturing Process

Process for a new Hello Kitty of your area

  [Mold] Resin mold is created with a molding machine to create the base of the product. This mold will decide the quality of the finished product; therefore detailed adjustments are made until a quality mold is created. This process is also one of the most important steps influencing the maintenance of raw material.   [Mold] Molded figure. All mill scales are carefully removed by hand.
  [Mold] Inspection.   [Coloring] Coloring with spray gun. Through many process of spray painting, the original design is reproduced.
  [Coloring] For a complex design more than 80 steps of spraying are taken for complete coloring.   [Coloring] For forms which spray paint is unable to cover, coloring is done manually by brush. Correction and inspection are simultaneously carried out.   [Coloring] Inspection by highly skilled inspectors.
  [Pad Printing] For reproduction of company logos, copyright marks, prints, and other specific designs, designs are carefully printed one at a time. To answer to complex needs, we carry high quality multicolored printers.   [Assembly] Assembly of other parts such as hands and feet. Inspection afterwards.   [Assembly] Completion of figure. When a mold of resin comes to life!
  [Assembly] After inspection, metal parts, straps are put into place and packaging is performed.
  [Packaging] More inspection is carried out, then final packaging. Completion!   [Delivery] Pack all products in cartons and ship out.